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Helping at-risk youths since 1930s
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Cal Camp has a history that dates back to the 1940s when students of UC Berkeley decided to create an organization that would enable underprivileged kids to be mentored and taught in a fun atmosphere. Thus, Cal Camp members set out to create an overnight camp experience where kids from less fortunate backgrounds could learn from college students in a peaceful and natural setting. Since then, Cal Camp has continued to employ men and women of the UC Berkeley campus dedicated to the bettering of children’s lives.

Each year social service agencies from local counties refer about 70 to 100 abused and fostered youths, age 7-14, for a week-long overnight camping adventure. Cal Camp offers a unique opportunity to these youth by cultivating a fun yet educational camp experience. The youths play games, participate in team sports and attend seminars on topics pertinent to their daily lives. As Directors, we cannot stress enough about what Cal Camp means to the youth we serve. Cal Camp is a vehicle to make change in the lives of the youth who attend and will be implemented as such.

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